Our Coffee

Our coffee is the highest quality Arabica, beans are picked in South America. They are sent to a German family with a long history of coffee making. These experts roast our coffee beans based on traditional methods and send it on to us in Georgia.


Our Tea

Our tea contains 100% natural ingredients. The herbal tea is composed of various plant leaves, flowers, roots and barks. The tea bag, after consumption, is environmentally friendly waste, easily absorbed by the soil.


Got a Luca bonus card?


  • 5% of the value of any purchase will be deposited on the card
  • With the money on the card you can buy our products
  • You may top up your balance with an advance payment
  • Please register on the website to get on our loyal customers list
  • If you register you can check your balance online
  • The card will be automatically deactivated if not used for 6 months