A cute polar bear

In 2008, an ice cream and coffee shop opened in Tbilisi on Leselidze Street in just 20 square meters, serving 12 types of ice cream. People were surprised to see such an abundance of colorful flavors. Soon everyone understood that I, the polar bear Luca Polare, had come to Tbilisi. 

My dream that hot summer was to create a European-style establishment in Georgia, with international quality standards. That’s how we brought you the best ice cream, coffee and more.

Now you can visit me in 19 locations in four Georgian cities -- 13 branches in Tbilisi,  4 in Batumi, 1 in Kobuleti and 1 in Rustavi.

We’re open every day. 

Luca discoveries

Nowadays, we produce more than 60 types of ice cream. Our production is based on Italian recipes, made of 100 percent natural products, fresh milk and fresh fruit. It contains no artificial additives for color or taste.  And we include vegan, gluten-free and diabetic options.

We also serve Luca Polare’s exclusive coffee.

This coffee travels an interesting road to reach our shops. The highest quality Arabica beans are picked in South America. They are sent to a German family with a long history of coffee making. These experts roast our coffee beans based on traditional methods and send it on to us in Georgia.

Our baristas go through a full course of training to bring you our distinguished coffee.

We also serve tea, hot chocolate, blended drinks, fresh juices, frappés, bakery, cakes, salads and sandwiches.

Luca Polare at 11 years old

I'm already 11 years old!

In these 11 wonderful years I've gained an incredible number of customers. I’ve become friends with them, fallen in love with them, and they’ve fallen in fell in love with me.

(When you send me love messages my heart melts as I happily read them).

Thanks for your loyalty and love!

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